About Us

Lyra Lender Services is the premier SBA Lender Service Provider, serving community and regional banks and lending institutions.Our team has processed over 1000 loans and in excess of $750 Million in SBA loans, and has over 40 years of combined experience in SBA lending.

Our philosophy is to grow with our partner institutions by providing absolutely unparalleled service, competency and knowledge about the SBA program and process. In short, our goal is to be the industry recognized absolute best at what we do with the primary goal of securing and protecting your SBA guarantee.

At Lyra Lender Services we heavily leverage technology and economies of scale in order to achieve high loan production and superior customer service with a lean staff. Lyra Lender Services does not have a minimum loan size or loan volume, nor do we require our lending partners to sell on the secondary market. Our services are fully scalable to our lending partners' needs, whether that means one SBA loan per year or hundreds. Regardless of size, all of our clients receive the highest quality service and our full support in building and maintaining a profitable and effective SBA lending program.

Shannon Jefferson
- President